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High Oil Pressure

I posted this issue but in a different way and didnít get the help I needed so I am posting again with other facts I didnít list before hopefully this way I may have better luck on getting some ideas on what to look for that may have caused this.
I recently changed oil pan, gasket, oil level sender and oil pressure sender. I also changed oil (20W-50) and put a new filter (Mann). After all that, I started to have high oil pressure reading where my oil pressure gauge needle goes above 3 bar (see picture) and sets there until oil is warm and then drops to about 2.2bar at idle then back to above 3 bar when at high rpm (above 1500). I had to change the stuff above because I had a bent oil pan and just wanted to put new one. While I was at it, I decided to replace oil level sender. Also I had a problem with my oil gauge needle going to 0 while driving and was told to change the oil pressure sender (it wasnít the problem) the gauge itself was bad. So I got another gauge and start having the high pressure reading. Fixed the original gauge and put it back and still see high pressure reading.
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