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Hi Taka,

yes I did remove the needle when i dad to remove the faceplate to investigate the gauge. I put it back. It's easy to remove and reinstall. the needle sweeps all the way up and down and should not be the cause for it to go this high ( also removed the fuel and temp needles and reinstalled them back without any problems). I can change the resistance value on a resister installed across the oil gauge coil and control how high the needle moves.. actually i did change the resister value from it's original 49.9ohms to 100 ohms to get the needle to go up to 3 bar, but i don't feel this is the correct thing to do since i don't know what caused the pressure to go that high the first place. I haven't done it myself yet, but my indep mechanic told me he measured 80 psi when he testing oil pressure mechanically. I measured about 285 ohms at the output connector of the oil pressure sending unit where it plugs into the gauge. this drops (as well as the psi reading) when engine is warmed up. but still high bar reading and as you know (1 bar = 14.5 psi) so i get about 5.5 bar reading when i first start the engine.
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