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manual transmission in a 124

I have been looking for a good 124 wagon for a while. Today I drove one imported from Germany and fell in love head over heals. It was an '86 300TE with a 5 speed manual. What a difference! What fun to have that marvelous straight six actually on tap!! Unfortunately, the car was a dog in every other way. So the qustion is, how feasible (and pricey) would it be to retrofit a 5 speed onto a North American 300TE (or,even better) a 300TD. Actually there is a very interestig car on the market here right now - a Japanase import 230TE - nice low mileage car, but automatic and a tad underpowered. Could one fit a 5-speed in that? Who might have such a transmission on this side of the Atlantic?

Thanks for any and all thoughts.
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