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190e Center Muffler FS - DYI - long but worth it

My wife's 1989 190e was totalled 2 weeks after having a dealer install a new center and rear muffler. My wife loved that car so I purchased a 1993 190e only $3k more than the insurance payed out. Anyhoo, at purchase I could hear a phoot-phoot sound and knew the meaning. So funnily enough the new mufflers 'fell' off the old totaled car before it was towed away. But it turns out the rear muffler for the cars is the same but center muffler is not. $404 dealer - $210 mail order.
I intended installing them myself but laying in the driveway in the rain forced me to a small muffler shop. This corrageous guy spent 2 hours torching off the old FOUR bolts between center muffler and cat. Would have taken me four days with a hacksaw! Well worth the $60 he charged me.
So, the new 2 week old center muffler which fits 1987-1990 190e 2.6 is available for someone who only wishes to spend $90 rather than $210 or $404. UPS is probably about $10 so make it a C note. Incidently, mine came UPS without box, simply the invoice taped onto the body. I am near Portland Oregon.
For those interesed in costs, the dealer charged me $700+ for the original job. You will need 2 donut gizmos and use 4 new bolt/nuts for your job. And I do hope you can get your nuts off withouta blowtorch! This car spent 10 years in Connecticut and NY and was pristine underneath but apparently salt got to those fasteners.
email me at and I take paypal. For those of you that have read this far, remember that going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordian.
1993 MB190e 104k
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