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Don't let the seller push you into a decision, everyone wants to sell quickly.

Some sellers are genuine but, if he really " need it gone by Fri " offer 1/2 of asking. Do a search for words in the ad, some ads come up months old with the same " it goes by end of week regardless. " or " I have an offer of XX , I'll take best offer above until end of month "

A few key questions to ask. ( sort of in order that will weed out bad cars , sellers )

Get an address if possible then google map that address / run the phone # through Google. If the location is a car dealer ,the phone # turns up in many different ads and the seller is pitching this as a by owner sale, run away .

When calling about a car for sale, simply state " I'm calling about the vehicle you have for sale" then be suitably vague letting them state what the car is. A by owner will only have one car for sale and very rarely 2. If yo have already called, have someone else call with an initial inquiry and random questions.

Is your name on the title and want state is the title from? ( Curb side sellers will keep the title in the previous owners name to avoid taxes and detection as most states require a car dealers license. You don't want to hear " it is my uncles car ", if you do , say you want to talk to them. )

How long have you owned the car? ( The title will have a date of issue, make sure that matches what the seller claims. )

Has the car always been registered in XX state? ( salt belt cars can end up in dry places and the sellers claim "CA car" if it ends up there.

Tell me something about the history of this car. ( See if they are willing to spend some time with a serious buyer. If not, they are likely a dealer.A dealers delivery will be more polished that some guy that has a car he wants to sell. )

If the seller claims no rust, ask if there are any areas of paint bubbling up. ( Some think that no holes is no rust regardless of rust under paint. )

Find the nearest MB dealer and ask if they do prepurchase inspections ( most will ) then tell the seller you want the car taken in for a check at your own expense. ( when a PP is done, disregard normal wear , paint chips or minor interior issues, concentrate on big ticket items like body damage, engine and trans. )
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