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Well aside from boring I suppose you ought to tell them about the $1000 60k service, about having valves to adjust on a 32V v8, $1200 liquid cystal displays that fail at least as often as MB evaps, AND a miriade of A/C leaks from the most expensive compressor known to mankind (almost $700 for a rebuilt without a clutch) to an evaporator which leaks as often as any MB (It is easier to replace though I will have to give them that).

These are cars intended to be leased and thrown to the first sucker before 60k. Can't tell you the number of prepurchase checks we have done needing a 60k service.

Timing belt on a very unforgiving 32 valve V8. Wish they weren't such a mess as they are bound to start breaking t-belts as the cars get away from those who can or will service them.

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