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Putting an M104 3.2L in where a M103 3.0L came from advice please

Okay boys and girls time to teach me something.

I have on order this fantastic little engine called an M104 3.2L 24v, and i plan on putting it in my 300ce 1988, which previously had an M103 3.0L 12v.

Now what conversions do i need to make, obviously i need to put in a computer to deal with the Electronic Fuel Injection, or the HFM what ever it has. But do i also need to put in fuel pumps or higher pressure lines, i plan on putting in the gearbox from the later model to deal with the power increase and the torque increase but will i need to change the driveshaft, and the diff center?

If so can you please tell me what differential my car currently has and what i need to put in it so that it can deal with the power increase, and the different ratios. Or should i keep the current diff center to have a better take off and 0-60 time.

Top end speed with me isn't a big thing, like i would love to be able to pull 100mph maybe 125mph but thats not necessary as you all may know.

The engine block is the same as i have discovered so therefore i shouldn't need to change mounts or anything, the gearbox selector looks different nbut thats all just cosmetics i can fix that later. what i really need is a plan on how to do this conversion as quick as possible.

I have three mechanics and an auto electrician, and IMHO i'm pretty good at being a DIYer so i hopefully won't have any lack of man power, but i do need brain power i can think of the main things i may need but there are always somethings you forget and its best to know about them before you have one engine out the other half way in and all of a sudden its like

"ah, dude, i think its like the wrong way around, maybe, i dunno" (worst case senario, i don't think even i'm that dumb)

anyway your input would be greatly valued thanks in advanced.

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