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my 2 cents

My experience has been primarily with rear wheel drive vehicles, although thru the years I have had 2 front drivers, a 94 escort gt, and a 97 taurus sho. For my driving style, the rear wheel drives are much more predictable, and I find them easier to control when the unexpected happens. When the unexpected happens, the initial reaction is to let off the throttle at which time a rear wheel drive slows down from the back of the car, essentially trying to keep the car straight (not always, but usually). A front driver slows down from the front, and the back end of the car sometimes trys to pivot around. Where I found this phenomenon was on uneven hard pack snow....or on highways that had snow patches... and some event happened requiring you to slow down suddenly. If a rear wheel drive steps sideways, you can control the slide with judicious application of the throttle, steer and motor on. I haven't found that (for me) same level of control (and predictability)on a front wheel drive.
As the other gentlemen indicated, front or rear wheel drive is primarily a personal choice based on driving style, cost of repairs/upkeep, and whether or not you like the vehicle.

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