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Changes after tranny front seal replacement

Hi everybody,
my í87 420 SEL had a leaky front seal after MB replaced the gear ring. They have replaced the front seal again as a warranty job. After this, following changes have occurred:
1. It is not leaking in the converter housing, thatís good.
2. Idle in drive is at 500, it used to be a little higher like 550 when car in D. It died on me once coming to a stop.
3. Oil pressure goes to 3, but I believe it used to go a little higher than it does now. The end point seems to be a little lower.
4. Shifting seems to be ok but may be a tad firmer.
5. The shift lever seems a bit looser. It felt like that when a bushing was missing.
6. The fuel pump does not stop pumping after a second of the ignition key in position II, but seems to keep on running. It used to stop after about 1 second.

Could the separation of engine and transmission and then re-connection affect oil pressure, idle and fuel pump?

Iíll bring it to the shop again and have them check for a missing bushing or a loose connection, but what else could cause these changes?

As always, your help is appreciated.

Reinhard Kreutzer
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