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I have had a 93' LS400 since 10/95 with 15k miles. The car now has 136k and has been dirt cheap to maintain compared to my 3 Mercedes. I had the 60k serv done at 77k(neglect?) at a local Toyota dealer for $850 and it included-tune up,T-belt,rear brakes,oil change,tranny service,etc. The first set of tires (Eagle GA,s ugh!) lasted til almost 70k. The only time I have taken the car to a Lexus dealer was when the power steering pump failed and cost me nearly $1000 bucks to replace. I was out of town at the time and did not have a choice. Other than that this car has been bullet proof and I can see why there is no place like this web site out there.

Please make no mistake, my heart is where the MB is! CTaylor said it right when he mentioned a car with "no soul". My Lexus is a low maint. cloud that can outrun my 300d's but does not get the looks or satisfaction when I drive them. Plus, pumping premium unleaded at the tune of $1.75 makes my heart pound.

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