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Jay Huang
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Help! I just got an Eibach Pro-Kit (4 springs) installed on my '00 SLK230. The ABS and ASR lights on the instrument panel lights up and stays on now. I have had the mechanic who installed the springs check all 4 cables, wiggle-tested them, everything is fine. I called 1-800-for-mercedes, and they instructed me to reset the ABS computer by turning the car on, then turning the wheel all the way to the left, then to the right. He says that by doing that will reset the computer and the light should turn off.

I have had the exact same problem with my 87 300E, after installing lowering springs. (Different shop, 2 years ago) and the light is still on.

I heard rumors that I should take it to MB and have them reset the computer. The mechanic installed the springs without disconnecting the battery first, maybe that logged an error code in the computer??? I don't know, it makes sense though.

Does anyone know how to reset the computer and get my ABS back without having to take it to the dealer? My schedule is pretty tight, and I can't find the time to take it to the dealership anytime soon.


p.s. I searched the topic in the tech forum before I wrote this post, seems like other having the same problem but not on a brand new car after installing new springs... must be something I can do....

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