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A few things to check

If it were me, I'd change out the Thermostat and flush and refill the coolant system adding Redline water Wetter.(available at Pep Boys). You say you rev the engine and the temp goes down. Revving the engine spins the Water Pump faster, circulates the water faster and causes the Fan/Clutch assy to suck more air over the radiator vanes. But the Fan/Clutch assy is not primarily what cools the radiator, its the wind blowing through it as the car is being driven. Since the over heating only occurs while being stationary, it doesn't sound like the pump/clutch. Radiator could be clogged due to a poorly maintained cooling system. But really. I'd be looking at the Auxillary cooling fan, as it should be kicking on as the engine temp raises past a critcal value 80 degrees or so

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