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Lightbulb RE: black coil

Thank You for your reply, you may be on to something I've owned this for about three months and it ran fine; then one day it wouldnt start, turned out the black coil was cracked and the ballast resistor started to smoke and get very hot, I ordered a new ballast resistor and replaced the coil with a blue one from A franchise Auto Parts Store.
I do believe the ignition module may be bypassed because when I trace it back it comes from the positive of the battery to the ignition switch through a relay then to the ballast resistor then to the positive of the coil from the negitive it goes to the condenser in the distributor.
If you have time could you explain how this would affect the point gap and how the wiring harness that plugs into the bottom of the distributor controls the distributor and how the black coil differs from the blue coil. Thank you you have been a great help! A little knowledge can save a lot of time and money....
Thanks Again,

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