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Well, so far, this has NOT worked out so well.

No offense JDUB (I know your heart is in the right place), but 3280mm is NOT the right length for using the belt without the air pump.

I've tried 4 belts so far and still have not found the right one! The belts all have numbers written on them that I bleieve also includes the length (i.e. 6KP2425).

The 6KP2325 belt is too small while the 6KP2345 is too long so I need a 6KP2335 but have been unable to locate one. Anyone have any ideas? I'm open too all suggestions.

ALSO, the tensioner pulley doesn't seem to want to release. Is there a special tool for this????? Is there a technique for this? Is it frozen (if so how would I tell).

My brother wants his car back, understandably. And everyday I come home and see my benzo sitting there idle it depresses me. It feels like I'm getting close but still Oh So Far Away.

Any and all help would be appreciated (even words of encouragement would be good to hear at this point).
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