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BMW feels wobbly!!!

I don't understand the issue with wobbly bmws. The suspension of BMWs is a hell of a lot more sofisticated, balanced, and "harmonic "than MB and this is a fact and not my opinion. The issue with wobbly BMWs probably came from the fact that thrust arm bushings on 5 and some older 7 series fail due to the heavy load they take. Their fix is nothing but a replacement with high quality harder bushings available from many supplier like Dinan. BMW doesn't make them hard so as not to make the ride harsh. Yes, I did have wobble issues with BMWs due to these bushings and was gone when replaced.
What's the deal with slugish BMW. Any of the 325i (I am talking 80 models) will out perform my 2.6L in take off, acceleration, and stability at high way speed. The faster BMW goes the better it drives.
Another thing to look at is that MB and BMWs get their products from the same damn suppliers whether its fuel or suspension, ..etc. The "reliability" of these products is the same.
The issue with interior and comfort. I sat in different MB models and their seats are one of the worst when it comes to comfort and I have heard that from many many people. I don't think they are higher in "quality" than the ones in BMWs, however, I believe BMW seats are more comfortable.
My opionin comes from experience after owning 12 BMWs and nothing but BMWs until I got my 190e 2.6L. MB is not very much different than a BMW when it comes to maintenance. Both cars got issues, however, different from one another. The parts cost about the same. What's higher in one is cheaper in the other and vice versa. I can list a lot of things that is maintenence free in both cars and failed. Buy either one with a bad maintenance history and you are srewed. I am not launching an attack on MB, I just don't think they are 100% solid as a lot of people think and the same applies to BMW. It is a matter of taste.
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