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Originally Posted by ScooterABC View Post
On the M180 engine the flywheel and crankshaft are balanced as a single unit. I think you need a flywheel for a manual transmission car but I don't know how you balance it with the crankshaft.
That is a good question. M180 manual transmission flywheel is not that hard to come by. I have two spare flywheels.

How do you know whether it is balanced? How do you balance?

Btw, while you have the flywheel off changing the pilot bearing is cheap.

Another issue, there are variations on transmissions. One Fintail transmission has reverse light electrical switch on the transmission. The other Fintail transmission does not, the reverse light switch is located in the gear shift linkage. I don't know what the chassis number switchover was but the gear shift linkage reverse light switch came first then it was moved to the transmission case.

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