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Originally Posted by Frank Reiner View Post
Re: Balancing of MB flywheels, both manual trans & auto trans

In the manufacturing process, all flywheels are neutrally balanced at the end of the machining steps. They are then delivered to engine assembly and build-up. In build-up a flywheel (and front hub) is mated to a crankshaft, and the unit is checked for balance. In many instances, but not all, metal may be removed from any part of the assembly, including the flywheel, to achieve the desired balance condition. As a consequence, many flywheels will be drilled to remove metal such that the flywheel, checked alone, will no longer be neutrally balanced. It is for this reason that Mother Benz specifies that all replacement flywheels be matched for balance/imbalance to the original condition. The shop manuals illustrate the tool that can be used, and the procedure for matching.
I would be happy to be wrong, but I believe you to be completely incorrect when comparing a manual transmission M180 flywheel and a manual transmission M130 flywheel. Everything I've read and been told say that the M180 is balanced with the flywheel and crankshaft as a single unit, and that on the M130 they are independently (neutrally) balanced. If you look at an M180 flywheel from a manual transmission car it is INCREDIBLY not balanced. It's not like a little adjusting or drilling was done, it is like it was cast very much out of balance.
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