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[QUOTE=ScooterABC;3525819]An M180 flywheel is very much NOT independently balanced. It is balanced with the crankshaft. I would assume swapping flywheels is deemed "close enough". But what you can NOT do is use an M180 manual transmission flywheel on an M130 engine, since the crank and flywheel on the M130 are independently balanced. I have heard that a machine shop that rebuilds engines can balance an M180 flywheel such that it is neutral (balanced) independently by doing a lot of metal removal. That's as far as I got with it.

My experience bears toward your assertion regarding flywheel interchangeability from M180 to M130. When I did my engine swap from M180 to M130, I changed the flywheel to one from a manual transmission M130. The M130 block uses a different sized stretch bolt that is expensive ($35.00 each times six). I did not do any special machine shop service to balance anything, maybe I should have?

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