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This has been inserted in Post #8; the Scootman has it right, I stand corrected.

Edit: In the following post (#9) Scooter takes umbrage with the above statements, and correctly so. The first two engines in the M180 series, the M180 and the M127, were four-main bearing engines, the crankshafts had very little internal counter-weighting, and the flywheel and the front hub carried substantial cast-on counter weights. Going into build-up those three pieces were individually decidedly unbalanced. When combined as a unit, and given a final touch-up balance, they were then a balanced crankshaft assembly.
As described above, the M129/114/130 seven-main bearing engines have internally balanced cranks, and essentially neutral flywheels and front hubs, that are then adjusted in the final crankshaft assembly. This process is also common to the four- and five-cylinder engines.
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