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Alex Kouliy
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Six months ago I bought an 87 260E with 140,000 miles from a local Mercedes-Benz dealer. I knew that the car had sat on the dealer's lot for approximately seven months, so I asked them to change the oil when I took possession. In the first month or two the oil consumption seemed to be around a quart per 1,200-1,300 miles and the low oil level warning light would come on without fail. Since then the oil consumption appears to have steadily DECREASED. I've covered approx. 1,700 miles since the last oil change and the oil level is still half way between "min" and "max". Does that make sense? Has anyone experienced anything like that? No repairs whatsover have been done to the vehicle. From day one there has been a minor leak. It's still there, but it's too small to be a factor.
Alex Kouliy
Calgary, Canada
87 MB 260E
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