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What is the proper way to adjust for rims being too large?

I just bought my 91 500SL and it had some killer 18 inch rims on it with nice Yokohama's. The front rims rub a bit, only with large potholes or with very tight turning like U-turns. But they also are starting to rub out on the fenders themselves. This is only on the fronts as far as I can tell.

I know I can put spacers in, but I would rather fix this the proper way and not cut corners if I dont have to. What should I do? Should I look at new shocks or something else? If I do spacers should I do all 4, or just the front 2? Are there any other solutions I am missing?

The car rides quite stiff with the 18's, I dont mind it too much as the tradeoff is the handling is phenomenal. I still havent figured out what the button on my console with the tire is, Im assuming its the ADS, so maybe that will soften the ride up if I experiment with it.

Thanks guys.
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