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sure its involved but no more than some other jobs are.

-i mean there is no cutting or grinding to be done,
-there is no need to adjust the engine mounts,
-the gearbox will fit straight in,
-the wiring harness dimensions will all be similar,
-i already have a brand new radiator,
-the weight difference won't require a major brake upgrade(ABS accounts for fade),

so what could possibly be so hard.

-yes the cruise control will be something i have to consider,
-the cooling should be fine, i plan on putting another electric fan on the back of the radiator instead of the viscous fan.

greg the power difference between the two engines 3.0-24v and 3.2-24v is big like almost 1000rpm earlier peak BHP and a lot more Nm so the HFM is the go over the HFM besides they will cost me around the same, and there is always gonna be extra work to be done. even with essentially the same motor(3.0-24v)

so i might aswell go all the way.

besides in AUD i have only spent about $23000, and my car has a brand new paint job, the 17in rims, rebuilt box, full sound system. so why would i sell it for say 26000 and then invest another 25000 atleast into a car that i can make mine into for about 1/6th the price. besides i like the experience and there are bound to be guys out there who are interested in learning how to do it for there own cars.
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