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Hi David and Dennis.

I had the injector pump adjusted/timed. It was out of timing pretty bad. It did seem to
help the idling but did not clear up the roughness, smoking and missing completely. But it runs far better, that's for sure. It used to get so bad it embarrassed me at a redlight, but if I rev it just a little it will clear up most of the time now.

I do notice that it gives the most problem when the engine is cold, OR after it's been running hard (70mph) for a while and come to an idle.Just running around town it doesn't have the problem that much as it used too.

I still haven't checked the compression as Steve suggested. That's probably next when i get the time. But if it's compression problem just guess I will have to live with it. It actually runs so good on the road and fires right off at start. I may get around to checking out the key that Jake suggested, but that will be down the road for sure.

Have a new problem, guess I'll post that on a new thread.

Thanks, Phil
81 300D 247K
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