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RPM wise, I believe 6000 may be possible with stock rods but not any higher because of the heavy slugs. They do make H beam rods for this engine that let you run to about 7000 IIRC.

I think the ECU does cut boost for a split second while shifting because you can feel it fall on it's face a little. I know I've hooked vacuum straight to the waste gate for testing and acceleration is much smoother without the dip when shifting.

Induction wise, when it's finished, I will have a HX40 turbo compounded into an Eaton M90 supercharger. My goal is 400HP so his will cover boost needs from idle to full throttle.

For your project, you may want to consider the HY35 with it's smaller turbine housing to get back some spool up performance. The HY supported 300HP on the stock Cummins so I think it would work great in this case.
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