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Old 07-11-2000, 10:03 AM
Choo Chung Chieh
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Hi all! I've been having some annoying problems with my E220 lately. Everytime I go over a bump, I'll hear a lound "thump" over the front wheels. I suspect the shock absorbers' gone bad.
The other problem has got something to do with the interior. My car was a victim of hit & run while it was parked at Hilton. The entire left rear door was knocked into, thank god the paint was okay. It was knocked back to shape, though wavy lines can still be seen. Sigh. Since then, the trim for that particular door squeaks a lot, and it's squeaky when you touch it. You can actually push the trim around 5cm into the door. What should I do about it? Get a new door? Thanks in advance.
BTW, my car vibrates badly. It's a 1995 E220 Azure Blue.
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