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MB Noob: W124 TD Suspension Overhaul

Hi everyone I entered the MB world last fall with the purchase of an '87 W124 300TDT, and I've been lurking on the forums since. It has been serving me fantastically so far, but a season of Michigan roads has finally finished off the 160k mile original suspension and it is time for an overhaul.

I've been reading all of the suspension related things and think I have what I need to buy/do mostly figured out, but I still have a few questions. So here is my shopping list so far with some related questions. Please let me know if I've missed anything or gotten anything wrong. Hopefully this list can serve as a good reference for other people down the road.

Front End
-Control Arms (don't want to fiddle with bushings or ball joints so I'm replacing the whole thing)
-Steering Damper
-Shocks (Not sure which Bilstein I want/need, but I'm looking for comfort over performance and stock ride height, for now)
-Shock boots and bump stops (will these come with the shocks, or do I need to order them separate)
-Strutmounts (One of my friends has a 190 and goes through these like they are going out of style. Which brand is the least likely to fail on me?)

Rear End
-Control Arms (Camber, toe, push, pull, & lower/spring)
-Bushing/compression sleeves (Where do these go? How many are there? Do they need to be replaced?)
-Carrier bushing (Will need a press tool, found a thread outlining how to make one with common parts)
-Hardware upgrade (I read somewhere that they changed the mounting hardware size for some of the suspension. What to I need to get/do to account for this?)
-SLS Struts (They currently work perfectly and don't leak. Is there any potential reason to replace them if they aren't leaking)
-SLS Strut Dust Boot (These are no longer existent on the car, has anyone had any luck replacing them with something aftermarket?)
-SLS Accumulators (Replaced them when I got the wagon, putting it here to show I haven't forgotten them)
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