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Originally posted by haasman
Ah yes, the "14mm allen" .... I found mine at Sears. I think it was $11. Everyone was very surprised they had one in stock.

Also the tip on the O-ring. Don't skip it (new one) or you'll be right back under the car to get rid of the little drips.

Hi Haasman,

I'm changing the differential oil on my '92 300 TE wagon,

What is this O-ring that you mentioned above? Is this a washer or rubber O-ring? And do I need this both for the drain and fill plugs?

Aside from 14 mm allen socket, what other tools are needed? Any extensions needed? From what I understand, there is no room to maneuver a 1/2" ratchet attached to a 14mm allen socket.

Thanks for any help.

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