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Setting the front toe in takes a little more than measureing .... First be sure the front wheel bearings are set to specs..then find a way to jack up each front wheel and make a mark around it on the treads which can be used to measure to from the other not use the tire treads themselves... they are not even enough to trust for this.... then you can place the car back down on a level surface and measure at some point ... they make very convinient measureing poles which lay on the ground... but I used a two by find what your suspension is supposed to be and move the adjusters equal amounts in opposite directions IF your steering wheel was centered in the first place...
Then you must roll the car forward several feet ... in order to take out ( can't think of the word ) .... so this is neutralized by moving the wheels forward and measuring again.... then I would roll it back to the original place and check to see if you still have what you thought you had for that measurement....
It is a pain to be that close on measuring something as large and dirty as tires in such an uncomfortable place to reach... up and down a lot... but the actual thiings you are doing to the car are not hard... just tedious....
Then tighten everything up as per shop manual... and take for test drive.... if it does not feel right then start the diagnosis process..
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