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the mercedes source .com fuel hose kit, says this:

PLEASE NOTE: Injector return hose is not included in this kit. We do not sell Viton fuel injector return hose for running Biodiesel. Have had too many reports of it coming off the injectors while driving. We recommend you purchase the standard injector return hose and change it once a year.

can anyone attest to this being accurate or inaccurate since it's been a few years? or if a viton or equivalent synthetic hose for the return line stays on fine?

they use parker hoses, and claim they're way better than viton.

also, not to change the topic, but i didn't want to start new one, if you're only running biodiesel periodically, say 1 out of 4 fills, is this going to be an issue with the fuel filters? as i understand when first running biodiesel, it'll clean up all the petro gunk and be collected in the fuel filters. everywhere i've read said just change the fuel filters after the first few runs, but i think everyone was planning to run biodiesel full time. i'm wondering if i'll just be constantly needing fuel filters if going back and forth...

there are so few people running biodiesel in new york, so i'm hoping to hear from someone that's been doing it for the last few years in california or wherever it's more readily available.

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