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That the table I am looking for!

Thanks Jim. Would have been nice if this table also included the resistance values you’d get out of the pressure sender to see how mine correlates with the spec. My resistance reading at 80 psi is ~285ohms. In any case, what started this whole issue for me is that I had my needle drop to “0” bar few weeks ago while I was cruising at 80 mph. Without going back to bore you with details, It wasn’t oil pressure problem, nor was it oil pressure sender problem either, it came down to the oil gauge itself went south on me! After fiddling with the gauge for days, I was able to get the needle to sweep again after taking a soldering iron to few solder joints around the meter’s coil. (good ole shotgun approach). Of course I had to remove the needles and gauge faceplate to get to the pcb and can’t see how I could have broke the meter if needle sweeps, but again, Murphy’s law always applies in these scenarios. You gave me few things to think about and it’s time to hit the bench again for more work. Just to let you know, in the mean time, I noticed that whenever I change the value of a resister that sets across the meter’s coil I could control the upper sweep of the needle. So with 285 ohm resistor load I was able to figure that it would take approx 100 ohms resister to go up to 3 bar. The original resister value was 49.9 ohm. So I removed the 49.9 ohm and soldered the 100 ohm resister in and now I “pretend” the gauge is back to normal… and it is behaving like it should with bar reading changing as per oil pressure and all. I am still looking for root cause of this and my only concern up until this point was if 80psi was acceptable, and your table answered that one for me. I can live with the fix I have, but knowing myself I gotta find out exactly what happened… by the way, I learned a lot from you guys about many other things related to oil viscosity, pressure, oil change intervals etc… that is way this site is top #1 for me and others.

And by the way Jim, Your Cool Harness is doing its thing just like a charm... My aux fans are about to get going now that we're getting some hot weather.
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