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Looking at a new (er) W124

My old 1989 260E is getting tired. 266K, original paint. As spring is coming (hopefully) I am looking to go to a newer W124.
Yesterday, I saw and drove a 1994 E320 with 75K. One owner, all service records, being sold by the same dealer who sold it new. But the car drives like if it was 20 years older than my 1989. Loose suspension/steering, heavy pulling to the right,noisy engine (clicking sound, like a valve, when starting from cold). body rattles, 2 electric windows not working, (driver and right rear), sagging driver's seat, needs 4 tires an a major clean-up job inside and out. Overall, the car felt older than my old one, although engine performance was much better. asking price: $US11,700.
I also saw and drove a 1995 E320, same mileage, one owner. Same impression. The car is loose from everywhere. There are faily major rust spots aroung the antenna, along the body mouldings and around the sunroof opening, fairly major leather cracking on the left seat, price: $12,500.
is it possible that the later w124 declined in quality during those years, or is me.....
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