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w124 diff oil change - help please


I set out the change my diff. oil ('86 300E, 77,000 miles) and as mentioned in an earlier post tried to remove the filler plug first.

My friend and I have been trying to remove it for the past couple of hours and can't do so.

One of us held the allen wrench and the other hit it with a mallet (rubber) and the plug doesn't seem to budge. I have soaked it with WD 40 and am waiting for a while to tackle it again.

I am looking for any and all inputs as to how to get the filler plug out.

By any chance is it a left hand thread. Or if the previous owner/mechanic have cross threaded it in, would it be really hard to get it out. Or if the diff oil hasn't been changed at all, since the car left the factory, would it be hard to get the filler plug out.

Thanks to all in advance.
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