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I have one, and they are bullet proof..

The ride will never super soft like a car with just plain shocks, but I'm fine...Understand that...

If it is leaning towards one side, most of the time it is a leaky shock, yet for the "SLS" cars on the "rust belt" suffer from rusty hydraulic lines at the distribution block, or at the leveling valve at the unibody structure near the half-shaft axial's.

If both wheels are low in the rear, then the self leveling arm could be rusty broken.

regardless of the problem, the SLS is easy to troubleshoot, but replacing the a leaky shocks is $$$ as they cannot be found used, the W140 SLS shocks do not fit...

Here is what may be a problem withe rust belt cars....

Hydraulic fluid line leaks - proactive replacement? - Mercedes-Benz Forum

My two-cents, Move to the west, pay more taxes, and deal with the earthquakes...


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