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To properly do a complete flush and fill of the steering system, you should empty the resirvoir, then drain the steering gearbox. Next, replace the filter and fill the resirvoir to the top and disconnect the return line at the side of the resirvoir and plug the open connection. Get an old washer fluid bottle or something equivalent and put the return line in it to catch the fluid that will come spurting out of the line. Next, start the car and have an assistant quickly turn the steering wheel lock to lock and be prepared to quickly keep the resirvoir topped up with fluid, as it will be sucked through quickly. When clean fluid comes out of the return line, shut the car down and reconnect the line to the resirvoir. The fluid will be foamy but just let it settle for a while then check the level again and restart the car and make sure the steering operation is nice and smooth and quiet. That's it!

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