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I would have presumed 8 year old 75K car would feel and drive much better than my old 13 years old car with 260K on it.
I could understand that one of the car may have seen a tough life and some neglect but they have both been maintained according to the book (all service done at the dealership with copies of invoices available) and fairly low mileage. Both were owned by mature adults, not the type of guys that would beat a car for the fun of it.
My car went through 12 harsh/cold winters, has seen a lot of road salt, never been garaged and is overall in better condition and drive better than the 2 cars I have seen. I will keep on looking for a better shape/ newer W124 but maybe I should invest a few more $$$ on mine and keep it until it falls apart.
I need a paint job (there is absolutely no rust on the car but the paint is faded), engine mounts, transmission is starting to flare between gears, the alternator is only pushing 55amps, there is a slight oil leak from the rear crakshaft seal, the cruise control is jerking, the radio does not work when the car is cold, and a few other minor things. Over the last year, the following has been done: New rad, full valve job, full tune-up, new brake rotors and brake pads all around, 4 new shock absorbers, some suspension work, 4 new tires, replaced ignition module, new battery,
What do you think?
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