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I have used Stop-Leak and it worked for me. The problem is that basically you still have a hole. Taking the radiator out is not that big a deal. The a/c condenser generally does not need to come out. I have never taken one out of your style car and don't know what encumberments there are but generally the radiators come out without too much hassle. If you take it out, take it to a radiator shop and get them to rod it out. They take off both tanks and clean out the core. You can tell if it needs to be cleaned before you take it off by putting your hand over the bottom hole. Get someone to fill the rad. and leave the cap off. Remove your hand and if the water comes out in one fast, steady flow then you are probably good to go. If you know how to solder and can see the leak you might be able to fix it in place, but the chances are not with you.
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