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Before you hurt your self try this. Get a 1/2 in. drive socket that is the diameter of the drain plug. Not bigger since you don't want to hit the edge of the diff. housing. Grab the socket with a pair of Channel locks or similar pliers. Get a 2 lb. steel shop hammer. Get in a position where you can get a good, direct hit on the diff. housing, i.e., car on jack stands. Make sure that the hammer face can hit the back of the socket squarely. Get your friend to hold the socket with the pliers so that it is flat against the plug. Hit the socket against the plug one or two good hits, no more. I live near the water in S. Texas and deal with frozen fastners of all kinds on a daily basis in my job. This will compress the plug slightly causing a sort of shock wave that usually will loosen any fastner that is going to come off. Next try the allen wrench. Make sure the wrench is the correct size. A millimeter too small and you could strip out the hole and then you are in for big money. For a cheater pipe go to yor local hardware or plumbing store and get them to cut you a 12 in. piece of 3/4 to 1 in. pipe (black iron is best, but galanized will do). Attn. Be careful when you pull on the pipe to brace your foot against the frame of the car. You can pull a car off the stands easier than you think. Falling all this, you may have to dynamite.
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