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I'm going to buy a new control panel this afternoon. Have replaced the monovalve insert and coil... With test light, I have constant power to one wire, none to next unless plug is attached to coil. If I turn the temp wheel to heat, the vacuum lever switch the vents over, but the air gets about 10-15 degrees COOLER than it is with the wheel on cold. On cold it is SO hot that it has cooked part of the vent tubing. So, I'm driving with the heat dial on max, switch off. The Texas heat is getting to me...gonna have to start driving the Cadillac (12MPG).

Will the new temp control panel cure this, or is it something much more drastic? The control unit itself seems to be really hot after driving (this could be the CD player) I understand there are two boxes behind the glove compartment--one black one aluminum. Should I try to get new ones from a donor car, or is this problem purely the control panel?


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