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W126, 300 SE fuel pump (?)

Hi all, I am in North San Diego with my 300SE ,1989, and a little while ago I lost power on the freeway.
All the dash dummy lights went on and the car would not
accelerate. Off to the side of the freeway, the engine died.
It would not crank over (head lights did not dim as ignition was turned) and the dummy lights remained on.
I checked all bands etc. I hoped it was not a timing chain(belt).
Did not seem like it.
i recalled reading in other posts (see how great this site is!!)
about tapping on the fuel pump in order to get it going.
Well, I tapped on the fuel pump and I gave one or two light taps on the fuel filter.
Car started up and I just arrived home.
The pump does not seem to make noise ((correction-it buzzes like a bee )) and i did not experience
poor acceleration before.
I plan to call Phil at fastlane on Monday to see how fast I can get a pump. or else I'll have to resort to the dealer.

Anybody have any opinions??
Could it have been just the fuel filter (this is still in maintainance spec time- below midway) or is it better to change the pump.
is there another part of the pump like the check valve that may be
going bad? I don't know where the check valve is.

Thanks for opinions!!

p.s. car has new distributor cap and wires,plugs. acceleration is still smooth, idle is o.k., battery is newer.

yeah the pump buzzes like a bee.
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