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Head lighr wiper reapair / replace

I have a 1987 190e 16v euro which has head light wipers. They seemed to have slipped a gear. When connected they are at odd angles. The motors seem to work as they do turn the blades but they do not start and stop at the right spots. I had the rear panel off at one point and I could not see and markings on the gears equivalent to a top dead center type thing. Also, the back panels seem to be a bit warped (that may have been why the gear slipped).

Does any one know how to fix these? Does anyone know where I can get a set that work or some parts?

I will see if I can pull them out (weather permitting) and post some pictures of what I am looking at.

I would like them to work. We had an ice storm here last week and the lights are filthy from all the road grime.
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