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The switch on the thottle simply goes from 'open' to 'closed' i.e. 0 ohms to infinity ohms.

Another way to test it and its connection (thus eliminating more options) is this, it only works on an auto:

Drive at 30mph in '3', and shift from '3' to '2' with your foot off the accelerator. If it bangs down into 2nd gear with a jolt, your switch is working OK for zero throttle. If you do the same thing with even a tiny bit of throttle, it should slip quite a bit, letting you rev the engine fairly freely, and not instantly engage 2nd gear with a thump.

If you can get these 2 different behaviours, the switch is fine.

Why the switch causes this different transmission behaviour I don't know, as its primary function is to shut off fuel to the engine when you are coasting.

good luck

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