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I've been trying to nail down a suspension issue in my 85 190E 2.3 and I think I've got I want to run it by the experts.

Problem: Thunk sound on turns or speed bumps or sharp curves, coming from the left side of the front. Direction of turn was irrelevant...speed bump only affected left side.

Inspection: I checked anti-sway bar (looked and felt tight), all rubber bushings and control arm. The front left lower ball joint boot was not very pliable and seemed to contain no grease. Front right boot was pliable, resiliant and seemed in good shape.

Diagnosis: Deteriorating left lower ball joint. No swelling, yet, so no rust.

Solution: Replace front lower ball joint. Till then, I plan to grease the joint and fabricate a boot (duct tape, electrical tape...I haven't decided yet) just to dampen the sound and annoyance. It will be some time till I can get around to getting it fixed, though.

What do yall think?

- John

John J. Meadows
'83 300D 3.0L 260k mi.
'85 190E 2.3L 99k mi.
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