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Headlight wiper misaligned

You say BOTH the motors are operating correctly, i.e. that the wipers move through a 90 degree arc, but are not indexed to come to rest at the correct position, with the blades both parallel to the horizontal. If my understanding of your comments is correct, then I suppose you could buy replacemenmt motors, though I dont know why; dealers charge around $120.

Why not just loosen the mounting nut that supports the shaft of the motor and manually turn the motor assembly/wiper arm to the correct rest postion you wish to have.

Somewhere in one of the threads in this chat group, about a year or so back, someone explained, with photos, how he had disassembled and repaired an inoperative motor. Of course I read that thread after I had spent the $120 for a new motor--from a dealer.

search for this thread: "headlight wiper misaligned"
Good luck. I thought I was the only "picure straightener."
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