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82 300TD Driver Window Won't Go Up - at all....

Aloha to all.

I live in the wettest (most inches of rain/year) place
in America...and I deliver pizza part time for Domino's in my
300TD (running on pure filtered waste restaurant fry oil).

Everything is going smoothly with the car and the deliveries
except that the driver's window won't go up (it is stuck in the fully
down position, the rear drivers side window doesn't work either
but at least it is up!).

The regulator motor doesn't make any noise when I hit the
button and I don't think that both motors would stop working
at the same time so this lead me to the switch. I tried switching
the wiring and using the passenger side switch to roll the window
up; to no avail. So I took the trim panel off the door and can't
find anything glaringly out of place and couldn't push or pry
the window into submission.

I am at a loss. It seems like a wiring issue but I haven't a clue
where to start looking for the problem (I checked the fuse too).

I have done a search for "window regulator" and looked around
the forum but nothing seems to address this issue.

Thanks in advance for any help.

1985 300D- 222k- (bad transmission)
1980 300D- (parts car)
1982 300SD- 242k
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