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Haasman, it's been long enough since I replaced the cable in ours that I don't remember for sure - but I think both ends of the cable are adjustable. If you take out all the freeplay you can, though, the cable should not be pulling away from the microswitch at all - and the linkage still allows some freeplay. This bothered me at first, but with a smooth moving cable and linkage, the transition as the pedal is depressed is so smooth that pedal travel is somewhat irrelevant.

I had a problem once with my old Integra where the throttle butterfly was sticking at full closed - it would open with a snap as the pedal was gently depressed, causing a jerk. Cleaning the throttle body solved it. If you are experiencing a poor transition, I would suspect that the linkage freeplay is not the reason.

Another item a tech adjusted once to improve the transition is the cable to the tranny. I don't know why, but it helped, and smoothed out other shift points as well.

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