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I thought it might be nice to give an update on this project. I had half the parts ordered when last week something terrible happened. My wagon got hit by someone turning left when they shouldn't have. The insurance is calling it a total loss. So I am buying it back to sell to one of the local MB guys to fix or part accordingly. In the meantime I am looking for a new vehicle. I would like to either get another W124 wagon with OM603 or M104 or a W126 with M103 or OM603. Please let me know if you have any leads on one of these in good shape.

I also thought it might be nice to post up the updated parts list I made with part numbers.

1243303007 Control Arm L
1243303107 Control Arm R
1243300803 Tie Rod L
1243300903 Tie Rod R
1244600805 Center Link
1244630432 Steering Damper
1244600119 Idler arm bushing
1243203030 Shocks
1243230192 Dust Boots
1243230744 Bump Stops
1243201444 Strut Mounts
1243235085 Bushing: Sway to Control Arm
1243234585 Bushing: Sway to Frame
2103503406 Camber Arm
2103504506 Camber Arm Hardware Kit
2103502153 Toe Arm
1403501170 Toe Arm Hardware Kit
2103503806 Push Arm
2103504506 Push Arm Hardware Kit
2103503306 Pull Arm
2103504506 Pull Arm Hardware Kit
2203520227 Carrier Bushings
2023520165 Control Arm Bushings
1243200489 Sway Bar Links
1243260581 Swaybar Bushings
N/A SLS Dust Boots
1243511342 Front Diff Bushing
1243527765 Rear Diff Bushings
1243500341 Front Subframe Bushings
1243510242 Rear Subframe Bushings
Other Rubber
1242401917 Motor mounts
1242400618 Trans mount
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