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Thanks for the input. I looked at the rear parcel shelf and found no such plastic cap. The only thing there was were the restraints for the first aid kit. Don't think these will hold well in a crash! My W124 is a US spec 92 400e.

I prefer to mount the car seat in the center of the rear bench. The Brittax seat my wife currently uses mounts well with the existing lap belt (seems to be designed to use just a lap belt though it does have a tether). The Eddie Bauer seats seem to have a different design where a lap belt would pass through and they state on the seat that one must use a tether to have a proper install.

I've been considering this one|209&cm_cg=C209&tid=&c=&sc=

- Perfect match for my black leather interior; good color for those pesky footmarks! Brings back memories of my dad getting after me for putting footmarks on the seat backs of our W123!

Did you mean this one?|209&cm_cg=C209&tid=&c=&sc=
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