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Leon Hernandez
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Once again! the MB pros/owners and lovers of fine autos come thru! I cannot thank you all enough for your insight and experience. Here in South Texas we've been averaging 99-107f per the interior temp indicator, so the coolant maintenance is high priority. That was done as soon as we came back from the hill country. And we'll probably start budgeting for that 400E/E420 (m-m-m man can I get in trouble! )
So, with all that said think I'm going over board by having a fan in my garage blow air towards the grill every time it gets parked in there? I know we can't help it out and about but I sure am new to this class of autos and the engine heat soak makes me marvel that that they last as well as they do. So not sure if I'm babying it too much with the fan. Guess it's the nuclear maint. mentallity in me over kill on most everything! Thanks ya'll happy motoring

Leon H
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