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installed new engine mounts but vibration is still there

Hello everybody,
My 1989 230E is not as smooth like some other W124s I have driven so far. The engine vibrates at idle (very visible) which passes to the cabin. At 900rpm I can even see the passenger seat shake and vibrate while I am at the driver's seat. I would say with the stereo volume at max a person would be able to tell if the engine is on or off. This is because the vibrations are so noticable.
Last week I have changed the engine mounts but that reduce the vibrations by about 10 percent. The mechanic looked at the transmition mount and told me that it is looking fine. Because the vibrations more noticable at the back seats he said it should be the bad mufflers of the exhaust system causing the vibrations.
I also noticed is that one of two rubber mounts of the air filter housing has come loose from engine. This is causing the air filter housing to vibrate at a very high rate.
Should I fix the transmition mount, the exhaust or the air filter housing mount and what else could it be?
How can I glue the rubber mount of the air cleaner housing back to the engine?

1989 230E, 8v, 166.000 km, updated to 94/95 trunk & hood
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