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Just changed oil in the 300D wearing latex gloves!! 'Can't understand why I didn't start doing that years ago! 'Bought a box of 100 (XL) at drug supply store this morning for $5. 'Did the whole job and didn't get even a speck of black anything on me; my hands ar usually black when I finish this job, and it usually takes several days to get them back to normal. This time, I finished up, pulled the gloves off, and my hands are still clean - 'haven't washed them yet. 'Glad I got XL; any smaller would have been to tight, too hard to get on, etc., but I'm not really "that" big a guy - just average.

BTW, I do try to keep the engine compartment reasoanbly clean.

Wilton Strickland
Goldsboro, NC
91 350 SDL. 81 300D
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